114 days and 114 nights sema

From the 1st of May, 2017 to the 23rd of August , 2017,  Yalova Termal, Turkey

During one hundred and fourteen days and nights sema, the music and the dhikr (invocation) will never stop . . . .

Sema is a form of worship…

In Ahmet Eflaki’s book entitled: “Ariflerin Menkıbeleri – Menakıb-el-Arifin” (Legends of the Enlightened Ones) we find how often and how long Hz. Mevlâna Jalâleddîn Rumî performed the sema. According to this book, he celebrated sema continuously for three days and nights, sometimes seven days and nights, sometimes sixteen days and nights, and three times forty days and nights.

Acting from this point of view a sema program has been planned covering 114 days, which will start on the 1st of May and continue till the 23rd of August.

The duration of this event was determined by taking into account the number of the surahs in the Holy Qoran which is 114.

In principle  we will try to carry out the sema unintermittently and perform the dhikr (invocation) and the music – likewise – nonstop. The semazens and the musicians will perform in shifts to implement this task.

Sound of Angels

Sound of Angels is a documentary of 99 days and nights nonstop music and whirling gathering. It aims at serving for continuation of ancient cultural traditions of Anatolia and Middle Asia and acquainting the people.

Sound of Angels is a documentary of 99 days and nights nonstop music and whirling gathering.

In 2014 over the course of 99 days and nights, a continuous music and sema (whirling) performance was held in Gokcedere  with the participation of people from all around the world. Wisdom quotes were read from Rumi and other mystics, each day was appointed for meditation and dhikr on a particular attribute of Allah. Food was boiling in pots as souls were boiling in their bodies; whirling and music never ceased. Many people gathering around the universal tolerance perception of His Holiness Mawlana Jalaladdin Rumi and sufi understanding of adab (manners) layed bridges on humanitarian values at Mehmet Rasim Mutlu Cultural Center located in Gokcedere district of Yalova.

These gatherings are held every year at Rasim Mutlu Cultural Center which is a place for learning, production, art and therapy. Previously gatherings were held with people coming from all around the world for 3 days and nights, 7 days and nights, 40 days and nights and 66 days and nights.

This documentary is a product of collective work trying to employ a symbolic language consisting of dargah adab (manners) of Mawlawiya. As people who have set out on the path of Islamic sufism start with Salam (Peace) and Destur (Permission) and advance on the way of LOVE with Hizmet (Service), Sema (Whirling), Meşk (Practice), İbadet (Worship) and Muhabbat (Divine Love), the documentary also follows a course starting with a commentary on this philosophy and goes through the kitchen, whirling space, practice and divine love to witness those 99 days and nights.

A contemporary understanding of Islamic sufism and its reflections in life through experience and information is a significant theme in this documentary. It aims to perpetuate and acquaint enthusiasts with the ancient cultural traditions of Anatolia and Central Asia.