An Opportunity to Purify Ourselves

This is a spiritual activity and gathering. To keep our selves and the energy of this event pure, we have some principles in regards to harmful and legally banned (narcotic) substances:

We do not smoke in and around the Dergah. For smoking there are designated areas far from the Dergah specifically for this purpose.

We do not want the use of substances like alcoholic beverages in this environment which do not fit in with the aim of this activity. We will not allow anyone to enter the premises of the Dergah (in and around the Dergah) intoxicated with these substances.

Kindly note that, the use, possession and sale of narcotics are prohibited under the laws of the Turkish Republic. We will do everything we can including taking legal measures to prevent the circulation of these substances in case they are brought in and around the premises of the Dergah.