Accommodation in and around Mehmet Rasim Mutlu Cultural Center

The center is not active all year. It is only open during the events.

What the event offers

  • Meal is served three times a day (during the event)
  • Separate bathrooms and toilets for men and women
  • Two washing machines for men and women
  • 24 hour hot water
  • Areas for pitching tents

There is no wireless internet.


During the sema events, three times a day, food is served in the dergah. There is no fixed price for the food. The food expenses are covered with the donations of the participants (like all other expenses of the dergah) and is cooked by the volunteers.

We try to serve at least one vegetarian (and vegan whenever possible) dish for every meal. Please keep in mind that this is not always possible.



There are areas around the dergah for pitching tents. There is no charge for pitching tent in those areas.

We do not supply tents. You need to bring your own.

Keep in mind that in the tent areas:

  • never light fires due to safety issues.
  • avoid making noise in order not to disturb others.

Pensions and hotels

Pink house

Right next to dergah. Affordable price, reasonable conditions. Hot water, shared rooms, bathrooms.
Tel: +90 537 242 91 29

Nakşibendi Dergah

Very close to dergah. 5min walk. Affordable price, reasonable conditions. Hot water, shared rooms, bathrooms.
Batum Cad. Mutulu sok. No: 1
Tel: +90 (536) 529 42 67

Kapri Motel

Gökçedere Mah. Okul Cad. Mutlu Sk. No:2/A
Tel: +90 226 600 00 20

Filiz pansiyon

10 min walk from dergah. Turkish and German spoken.
Okul Cad. 16a.
Tel: +90 226 675 73 15, +90 0535 285 75 63

Gökçedere Rıza Pansiyon

Inside Gökçedere. 15 min walk from dergah.
Good pension with relatively high prices. Air condition, hot water, private bathroom.
Tel: +90 (226) 675 78 56

Park Otel

One of the several hotels in Gökçedere. At the far end of the main street. Standard or jakuzi rooms with tv, air condition vs. 20 min walk from dergah
Tel: +90 (226) 675 71 00

Ümit Pansiyon

15 min walk from dergah. Medium prices, medium quality
Atatürk Cad. No 6, Gökçedere (In the mid point of the street in Gökçedere)
Tel: +90 (226) 675 72 89

7 Replies to “Accommodation in and around Mehmet Rasim Mutlu Cultural Center”

  1. Thanks a lot … I am so happy to be there and help too. I am planing to come with my tent but I am not sure yet for the date. Probably will be around 10 to 15 May. My name is Marina Starogianni and I come from Greece.

    1. Mehdi, to my knowledge, this is not the case.As far as I know, if there are free rooms, men and woman are welcome to stay there.

        1. You are kinda right. It turns out that men can stay in the pink house with their family. There is also a separate room that men can stay put it is occupied for this event.

  2. Hello, hello. Dear friends, I and my husband are traveling. My name is Iana. I’m from Russia. My husband’s name is Sergey. He was born in Ukraine. We are the first time in Turkey. And for the first time we get acquainted with the Sufi culture. Which we are very interested in. We recently learned about your festival. And we really want to come. We have a tent. Could you specify the points on the map where you can set the tent? Sergey musician. We can gladly be volunteers at the festival.

    1. Dear Iana,
      I think I need to clear some misunderstandings. This is NOT a festival. It is a gathering for a spiritual activity. If you want to participate in a festival, this is NOT the right place for you.

      if you are really interested in the sema, then your priority should be the location of the Sema place, not the tent area. I do not understand why you will need the locations of the tent places unless you are going to drop there with a parachute.

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