How to get to Mehmet Rasim Mutlu Cultural Center

The dergah, venue of  sema, is Mehmet Rasim Mutlu Cultural Center. It is located in Gökçedere, a village of Yalova. Yalova is a city located in northwestern Turkey, near the eastern coast of the Sea of Marmara. 

Going from Ataturk airport to Yalova

Most probably you will prefer to go to Yenikapı and take a ferry from there to Yalova. To go to Yenikapı you can take a taxi or you can use the metro.

You will need to walk from the metro stop to the ferry station

The ferry between Yenikapı and Yalova is sometimes full capacity. That is why you might want to buy your ticket 1-2 days before. IDO sells ticket on its website

Going from Sabiha Gökçen airport to Yalova

From Sabiha Gökçen airport you can go to Pendik or Kartal to take a ferry or you can take a direct bus to Yalova.

You can take the ferry from Istanbul to Yalova at the Pendik or Kartal ferry stations on the Anatolian side ( The trip takes around 50–60 minutes, depending on where you start from. Here is the time table for the Pendik – Yalova ferries.

There are busses from Sabiha Gökçen to Yalova every hour. Here is the time table of the busses.

Going from Yalova to Gökçedere

There are minibuses from Yalova to Gökçedere. From 06:00 to 23:00, roughly every half hour, they depart from their station which is next to the ferry station. The minibuses from Gökçedere work between 06:20-23:00.

Going from Gökçedere to Mehmet Rasim Mutlu Cultural Center (Dergah)

From Gökçedere to Mehmet Rasim Mutlu Cultural Center, there is a fifteen minutes walk. Depending on the number of passengers, some minibuses change their routes and come to the center. You can ask the driver if he’s going to the “dergah”.

From the crossroads in Gökçedere, you will walk 500m in direction of Çınarcık. You can find the route here.

Here is the full address:

Mehmet Rasim Mutlu Kültür Merkezi
Mutlu Sk. No:12
Gökçedere – Termal

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