Mehmet Rasim Mutlu Cultural Center

Mehmet Rasim Mutlu cultural center enterence
Mehmet Rasim Mutlu Cultural Center, Enterance

The Mehmet Rasim Mutlu Cultural Center was founded by Mehmet Rasim Mutlu to bring  together people from all around the world with different cultures who are interested in Sufism.

The center is not active all year. It is only open during the events.

The sema will take place at the:

Mehmet Rasim Mutlu Cultural Center
Mutlu Sok. no: 12
Gökçedere – Termal
Yalova, Turkey

4 Replies to “Mehmet Rasim Mutlu Cultural Center”

  1. Hello, This is Inas,
    looking to join Sema on 17May for upto 7 days.

    Is there a schedule please?
    when will you carry Classes to teach?

    Who shall I speak to about Volunteering?

    greatly appreciate your answers.

    1. Dear Inas,
      There is no fixed schedule and there are no ‘official’ classes. The sema goes on 24 hours a day, so at any given time, there is the opportunity to learn how to do it.
      You can use our contact form form for individual questions.

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