Behaviour and dress code

A dergah is a spiritual, sacred place. In the dergah tradition there are some general rules for behaviour and dressing style.

We try to show our respect to the tradition and the event in the way we behave, talk, work, make music, sit or even lie down.

Aware that we come from very different cultures, we try to avoid any kind of behaviour that could offend a person from another culture.

Every culture has a different approach to sexuality. We should behave in a way that nobody feels offended with our behaviour.

A moderate clothing style: We are all aware that the weather is hot in summer. Yet, aware that it is a spiritual activity we focus on at this time, we respect its tradition and its participants. We try to show this with the way we dress, too.

Clothing: please keep shoulders, chest, back and legs covered.
Clothing: please keep shoulders, chest, back and legs covered.

Last but not the least, spiritual work means learning. Here we benefit from openness and a listening attitude. And the joy and adventure of the new, the unfamiliar.

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