General hygiene

  • Please don’t enter the Dergah with shoes or slippers used outside. Also if you are barefoot outside first clean your feet before entering the Dergah building.
  • Take care of litter in and around the dergah. Please use the waste baskets.
  • And try not to disturb other people with cigarette fumes, too much perfume, especially synthetic mixtures or strong body smell.

Toilet and showers.

  • Please use the slippers provided in the toilet area when entering and avoid using any slippers used in other places or entering the showers barefoot.
  • The slippers in the toilets are for communal use and are only to be used in the toilets. We never take them out of the toilet area.
  • Our sewage system is delicate. Please never throw any paper, etc. in the water closet. Danger of blockages!
  • We keep the toilet area doors closed.
  • Toilets are cleaned by volunteers. You can ask the people in charge about the cleaning list and the details of cleaning.

Washing machines

We have two washing machines, one in the mens and one in the womens bathroom.

Hanging and collecting the laundry

Everybody is responsible for their own laundry. Laundry can be dried outside, It is important to collect your dried laundry as soon as they are dry to open space for others. It’s a busy space!

Cleaning of the hall and garden, volunteering

These areas are cleaned by the volunteers. Please consult the people in charge for further details.

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