Keep these out

Smoking and Non-Smoking

Please do not smoke in and around the dergah. There will be some designated areas for smoking.

Please do not throw cigarette butts on the ground. There are ashtrays for that.

We do not want these here

Naturally, alcohol and drugs are conflicting with the purpose of this event. Besides, using drugs is illegal in the Turkey and will be severely enforced.

During this gathering, do not use of any kind of narcotics or substances that cause intoxication and affect the mind and the soul in a negative way. We cannot tolerate their usage. Anyone who does not corporate with this advice will be urged to leave immedeately.

We as organisers wish for a peaceful and harmonious gathering. We therefore practise to act in the spirit of compassionate love and tolerance.

You can consult with the organising people for any of your questions. You can recognise them by their red arm bands.