Mehmet Rasim Mutlu (Mutlu Baba)

Mehmet Rasim Mutlu - Mutlu Baba
Mehmet Rasim Mutlu – Mutlu Baba

Mehmet Rasim Mutlu completed a successful business career in 1973 and from then on devoted his entire life to the spritual path.

He founded the Sufi Ideas Association at his home which looks across to the Tesvikiye Mosque in Istanbul. He has served as director of this association for over 20 years. Having authored many works he is an accomplished writer, poet, composer and sufi.

With his sohbets, mostly offered at the association, he radiates great spiritual warmth. More than 350 creations of literature, derived spontaineously through improvisations together with many lyrics and compositions give testimony to a great poet and composer. Among these is “Tasavvuf Pınarından Mutlu Damlalar” (Drops of Happiness from the Spring of Sufism), “Kalden Hale” (From Mood to Mood) and “Ondan Ona” (From Him onto Him).

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