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Otag Music Center was established in relation with TUMATA, and has the mission of serving the activities of TUMATA.

Otag implements the production, publishing and sale of recordings, such as MP3, CDs or compact cassettes, books and musical instruments which are TUMATA design and products. Apart from these we organise concerts, seminars, exhibitions and training courses.

A special focus of Otag Music Center is the sale of authentic Turkish Music recordings, books directly related to TUMATA’s work and the production and sale of Classical and Central Asian musical instruments. Authentic Central Asian garments, hats, accessories, covers, carpets and rugs can also be found here.

For downloading MP3s and other products available, please visit
www.otagmusic.com  (Turkish Credit Cards only)
www.otagmusik.com  (International & Turkish Credit Cards)

For the traditional Otag Music Center website visit www.otagmuzik.com

OTAG MUSIC CENTER is managed by retired agricultural engineer Yasar Guvenc.

Alaykosku street, No 20/B
Cagaloglu – Istanbul