• Live music performed with the Sema resumes without interruption in the sema hall.
  • The musicians play in shifts, according to a preplanned schedule.
  • Consult the organizers to take a shift to play music for the sema
  • If you want to join the music of the shift, please ask the leading musician.

2 Replies to “Music”

  1. Greetings,
    My partner Cristoforo Gaetani and myself live in Brasil. Im from a sufi persian background and now he is working on a very interesting docu/music/project and was wondering if he could participate for a night or 2 from the 11-13 august and record some of the music/audio?
    Thank you for any information guidline that could be helpful.
    Best wishes
    Yaaa huuu

    1. Dear Sahar,
      We do recordings in the semahane. Still you will need to get the approval of the musicians that are playing at that time.

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